Equity Investments

Buckeye owns and operates the following investments:

West Shore Pipe Line Company:  West Shore owns an approximately 500-mile pipeline system that originates in the Chicago, Illinois area and extends north to Granville, Wisconsin and west and then north to Madison, Wisconsin.  We own a 34.6% equity interest.

South Portland Terminal LLC: South Portland owns a terminal in South Portland, Maine that has approximately 725,000 barrels of storage capacity.  We own a 50% equity interest.

Buckeye owns the following investments:

Muskegon Pipeline LLC: Muskegon owns an approximately 170-mile pipeline that delivers petroleum products from Griffith, Indiana to Muskegon, Michigan.  Marathon Pipeline LLC is the majority owner and operator.  We own a 40% equity interest.

Transport4, LLC:  Transport4 provides an internet-based shipper information system that allows its customers, including shippers, suppliers and tankage partners to access nominations, schedules, tickets, inventories, invoices and bulletins over a secure internet connection.  We own a 25% equity interest.