Public Official Information

Protecting the pipeline and insuring public safety are very important to Buckeye. We are engaged in constant activities to ensure the safe and secure operation of the pipeline and are dedicated to protecting our neighbors and the environment.

As a public official, you are an important component of our safety efforts, and we hope that you take a few moments to review the information on our website. Buckeye has developed a brochure that contains important information for anyone planning on developing land near our pipeline right-of-way. This brochure is being shared with residents and businesses located close to our pipeline, as well as with elected officials, emergency responders and others in your area.

The brochure is also being sent to a key group that you may be involved with on a routine basis: those in the construction, contracting and real estate development industry. Of particular importance to this group is the legal requirement that they always contact your state One Call system and “Call before they dig.” This is a vital and necessary practice for anyone involved in excavation activities, and will greatly assist in preventing accidents involving underground facilities.

In addition to sending pipeline safety information to you and your fellow elected officials, Buckeye regularly mails information to residents that live near our pipeline. We also regularly mail information and train with local emergency responders in communities where our pipelines and facilities are located. This helps us to ensure that our neighbors are aware of pipeline safety and know what to do in case of a pipeline emergency.

A very useful website that explains the major impact of the pipeline industry, and how we operate, is Pipeline 101.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our pipeline in your community.