Environmental Program

Buckeye’s Environmental Mission is to continuously strive to conduct operations safely in relationship to the environment. Environmental-related principles on this front include environmental stewardship principles and goals that:

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  • Continually improve pipeline system integrity
  • Continually improve environmental performance
  • Minimize waste and pollution
  • Know the current condition of the assets operated
  • Focus activities on preventing operational incidents
  • Be prepared to respond effectively to emergencies
  • Maintain good community relations

Incident Prevention & Preparedness ensures Buckeye is capable of immediately responding to an operations upset. Though operational upsets happen on a very infrequent basis, Buckeye goes to great efforts to be prepared for these events by:

  • Developing emergency response and crisis management plans. These plans identify all areas of sensitive and/or environmental concern. The plans are designed to handle a worst-case discharge scenario.
  • Accumulating manpower and equipment necessary to respond to a worst-case discharge scenario. A national network of oil spill response organizations (OSROs) and response contractors are available to work with Buckeye personnel at a moments notice.
  • Developing extensive training and drill programs to assure that all responding personnel are qualified and that the industry personnel, contractors and agency representatives can work together in a major event through a unified command system.
  • Working closely with government agencies in the event of an upset throughout the response process. 

Environmental Remediation & Restoration involves working with government environmental agencies, landowners, and other appropriate stakeholders to ensure the environment is cleaned and restored to standards. In cases where petroleum has been released, Buckeye assumes full responsibility for cleaning up the spill.

Buckeye, along with industry and research organizations are continually developing and evaluating new technologies to effectively and efficiently deal with the cleanup of petroleum in soils or water.

Environmental Auditing Program is part of Buckeye’s Environment Management System (EMS) and implemented within the company to:

  • Assure compliance.
  • Raise environmental compliance consciousness throughout the company.
  • Check to see if the EMS is working optimally to prevent environmental non-compliance.
  • Provide an early warning system to detect/correct minor non-compliance issues before they develop into serious violations.

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