Corrosion Protection

Buckeye utilizes steel pipelines to transport petroleum products.  Buckeye does several things to keep the pipeline operating safely and prevent corrosion. 

  • A thick coating is applied to the outside of the pipeline. This coating keeps soil and water from touching the steel. This is our first line of defense. Buckeye takes great care when installing a pipeline to assure that the coating is not damaged as a pipeline is lowered into the ground.
  • The second line of defense is the installation of corrosion protection systems along the length of the pipeline at specific locations. These corrosion protection systems, known as cathodic protection, cause a small direct current (DC) to flow through the soil and water. The electrical current collects at any breaks in the coating.
  • To make sure that everything is working properly,  our corrosion protection systems are inspected every two months. We also do a complete corrosion control survey of the entire pipeline every year to ensure that we have stopped any corrosion.