Damage Prevention

Damage from excavation-related activities, particularly from equipment digging into pipelines, is a leading cause of pipeline accidents. If you do excavation work, or are a homeowner or farmer planning to dig on your property, we need your help in preventing pipeline emergencies. Without proper coordination, excavation activities in the vicinity of underground pipelines can result in very dangerous situations. Proper coordination and utilization of the local One Call system will ensure that the digging is performed safely.

Please call your state’s One Call system at least three days before you plan to dig. More information on One Call systems is available here.

Preventing damage to our pipeline is an ongoing and continuous effort at Buckeye. In addition to having an active Public Education Program to raise awareness of pipelines, Buckeye is a member of local One Call systems. Buckeye is also a member of the Common Ground Alliance and supports their efforts to reduce damages to underground facilities.

Examples of damage caused by excavation activity

Damaged Pipe Damaged Pipe 2