Excavator and Real Estate Info

Information for excavators, real estate, and land developers

Protecting the pipeline and insuring public safety are very important to Buckeye. We are engaged in constant activities to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline and are dedicated to protecting our neighbors and the environment. You are an important component of our safety efforts!

Always remember: If your company is planning to dig, it is the law that you must contact your state’s One-Call System. This is essential to keep underground facilities safe and prevent your company from incurring civil and possibly criminal penalties. The phone number for your One-Call System can be found in the brochure or here.

It is vitally important that you know the specifications of Right-of-Way restrictions before planning any projects or selling any property along pipelines owned and/or operated by Buckeye. It is also important that our line markers not be removed from our Right-of-Way, since they mark the approximate location of our pipelines and let people know that a pipeline is in the vicinity. Removal of these line markers is a violation of Federal law.

Click  Buckeye’s Right-of-Way Use Restrictions specification to bring up a printable and downloadable document which explains Buckeye’s requirements for excavation activities near our pipelines.

Anytime excavation work is conducted in the vicinity of Buckeye’s pipelines or facilities, a Buckeye employee or contract employee must be on site during the excavation. The Buckeye representative will review with the excavator Buckeye’s Excavator/Locator Pipeline Safety Checklist. The excavator will be asked to sign the Checklist and will be provided a copy.

When excavation activity does not occur at the scheduled time, the excavator must notify Buckeye of the schedule change. Buckeye requires 24 hour notice to reschedule personnel.

Before backfilling is conducted over a pipeline, the condition of the pipe and coating must be inspected by a Buckeye representative. During the backfill operation, warning mesh will be installed.

We look forward to working with you to ensure the safe use of the land around our pipeline Right-of-Way. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us.

 For more information on Buckeye’s Damage Prevention program, click here.

 Buckeye has designated the month of April as a safe digging month, click here to see the proclamation