Construction Activities

Construction, maintenance and integrity management projects are planned or in progress throughout Buckeye’s pipeline system.

 As one of the nation’s largest independent operators of petroleum pipelines, Buckeye Partners engages in numerous activities to maintain our excellent safety record and ensure the safety of the communities where we operate. Buckeye conducts routine inspection activities of our pipelines. As we conduct these maintenance activities, it is not unusual for our neighbors along the pipeline to hear unusual noises coming from the pipeline or see work crews performing activities along our right-of-way while the inspection is being conducted.

Close Interval Surveys*

  survey beginssurvey ends

*During a Close Interval Survey (CIS), a contracted crew walks the pipeline right of way (ROW) to measure the effectiveness of the cathodic protection Buckeye uses on our steel pipelines.

The CIS reuires our contracted crews to establish an electrical connection to the pipeline by means of a trailing wire. This coated copper wire unwinds from a spool as the operator walks the length of the pipeline. The copper wire used for the CIS is collected when the survey is complete.

Buckeye’s contracted crews working on the CIS are identifiable on the pipeline ROW as they wear hardhats, safety vests, safety glasses, and have identification from their employer.

While the CIS is completely safe, our neighbors along the pipeline may report seeing people inside the ROW, or other uncharacteristic activity taking place near the pipeline(s). The CIS occurs during daylight hours; however, Buckeye or our contracted crews may be on the ROW at any time, including weekends.