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Date Title Document
08/16/2021 Buckeye Partners Acquires 270 MW Solar Project From OCI Solar Power Project-Parker-News-Release-Aug16_vFinal.pdf
07/29/2021 Buckeye Partners Continues to Invest in Energy Transition with Strategic Solar Acquisition Buckeye-External-Announcement-Project-Files-07.29.21.pdf
04/07/2021 Buckeye Partners & Nala Renewables Invest in Swift Current Energy to Accelerate U.S. Growth Plans Buckeye-Nala-Swift-Current-Release_04.07.2021.pdf
01/27/2021 Buckeye Partners Announces Strategic Investment in OneH2, a Provider of Turn-Key Hydrogen Fuel Solutions Buckeye-OneH2-Press-Release-2021.01.27-vF.pdf
12/30/2020 Buckeye Partners Announces Completion of Second Deepwater Dock at South Texas Gateway STGT-Press-Release-Second-Phase-of-Operations-Final.pdf
07/16/2020 Buckeye Partners Begins Operations at South Texas Gateway STG-Press-Release-Initiate-Operations-vFINAL_2.pdf
05/26/2020 BPL Announces Donations of More Than $1 Million To Charities Responding to COVID-19 BPL-Press-Release-BPL-Announces-Donations-to-Charities-Responding-to-COVID-19.pdf
03/09/2020 BPL Announces 2019 Schedule K-1 Tax Packages Are Now Available BPL-Press-Release-2019-K-1-Availability_Final.pdf
02/28/2020 BPL Announces Execution of a Supplemental Indenture for Each of Its 4.150% Notes Due 2023, 4.350% Notes Due 2024 and 5.600% Notes Due 2044, 3.950% Notes Due 2026, 4.125% Notes Due 2027, 6.750% Notes Due 2033 and 5.850% Notes Due 2043 Buckeye-Supplemental-Indenture-Press-Release-Consent.pdf
02/25/2020 BPL Announces Early Tender Results and Receipt of Requisite Consents for Its 4.875% Notes Due 2021 Buckeye-Launch-Press-Release-Tender-Offer-1.pdf
02/10/2020 BPL Provides Corporate Update BPL-Union-Pipeline-News-Release-2-10-10.pdf
01/21/2020 BPL Announces Contribution of Interest in Freeport LNG Train 2 BPL-Freeport-LNG-Train-2-Release-1.21.20final-002.pdf
11/01/2019 IFM Investors Completes Acquisition of Buckeye Partners, L.P. Buckeye-Press-Release-110119-Final.pdf
10/21/2019 BPL Announces Regulatory Approvals and Planned Closing Date of Pending Acquisition BPL-10.21.19-Press-Release-IFM-Acquisition-Closing-Date.pdf
09/20/2019 Buckeye Bahamas Hub (BBH) Resumes Full Operations BBH-Restoration-Donation-Release-09.20.19-Published.pdf
02/10/2020 BPL Announces Offering of $1.0 Billion of Senior Notes Buckeye-Launch-Press-Release-Notes-Offering.pdf
09/11/2019 Buckeye Bahamas Hub Partially Restarts Operations BPL-BBH-News-Release-09.11.19-Published.pdf
09/06/2019 BPL Provides Buckeye Bahamas Hub Hurricane Dorian Impact Update BPL-BBH-News-Release-09.05.19-Published.pdf
09/03/2019 BPL Provides Buckeye Bahamas Hub Hurricane Dorian Impact Update BPL-News-Release-Hurricane-Dorian-9.3.19.pdf
08/12/2019 Trafigura and BPL Receive First Deliveries of Crude Oil From New Permian Pipeline Construction Permian-Crude-at-BTP-Final-Published.pdf