Core Competencies

All employees at Buckeye should exhibit Buckeye’s values of being a Reliable, Safe, Environmentally Responsible, Low-Cost Provider, of showing and accepting Accountability, and being Entrepreneurial.

Buckeye wants to create and reward an organizational focus that stimulates the creative and entrepreneurial actions of its employees that result in innovative ways of reducing costs, generating revenues, improving productivity, or improving processes.


 Accepts responsibility for decisions and how their decisions affect others

Safety| Environmental

Understands and enhances the safety of our employees, our customers and the public to protect the environment.

Business Acumen

Understands the broader financial implications of one’s responsibilities and the link to the “bottom line” of Buckeye’s business.

Communication and Feedback

Shares information effectively, in the appropriate timeframe, as well as effectively using listening skills when working with others.

Diversity Awareness

Values and respects individual differences, while supporting an inclusive work environment.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Operates as if Buckeye was his/her own company.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Organizes parts of a problem in a systematic and logical way in order to recognize relationships, identify alternative solutions, set priorities and make sound decisions that align with Buckeye’s Key Values and Guiding Principles.


Managing Change – Works efficiently in a constantly changing environment, demonstrating a willingness to learn, to take new and unique ideas, concepts, strategies, and approaches and apply them for positive results.

Results Driven

Continually improves performance, approaching work in ways that support the accomplishment of results and meeting/exceeding Buckeye’s performance objectives.

Technical Expertise

Effectively applies knowledge and skills within a particular area of expertise and keeps abreast of new knowledge and developments in one’s area of expertise and/or responsibility.