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Call before you dig

What is a One Call System?

A One Call system is an organization that allows you to place one phone call and get the information about your excavation work to all of its member companies/organizations that are recorded as having underground facilities in the area of your excavation. The members will review the information and determine if any of their facilities are involved with your excavation activity.  One Call systems provide a very valuable safety function in helping to eliminate excavation damage to pipelines and facilities and ensure that excavation activities are done in a safe manner. Buckeye is a member of a local One Call system in every area where we operate pipeline. To access the number of your local One Call system, click here.

Call Before You Dig

excavator.jpgIf you or someone you know is going to conduct any type of excavation work, including demolition, blasting, mining, digging with power equipment, hand digging, or any other type of work that will disturb the ground, you need to contact the One Call System that covers that area.  It is very important that you contact your One Call System to notify them in advance of any excavation work you will be conducting. The One Call laws vary by state and have different requirements for the excavator, but most require at least a three-day notification prior to the beginning of excavation activities. 

When you call the One Call system, you may be asked for the following information in addition to pertinent information on the excavation work you are proposing.  Please be specific and exact with your responses. 

  1. County/Parish
  2. Municipality/Township/Borough/City/Ward
  3. Street address where the work will be conducted
  4. Cross street or nearest intersection
  5. Additional general work site information
  6. Excavator’s name
  7. Excavators address
  8. Contact person's name and telephone number
    (The contact should be knowledgeable about the work and be available to answer phone calls.)
  9. Type of work
  10. Start date and time
  11. Property owners name

If Buckeye determines that it will be involved with your excavation work, a Buckeye employee will mark our pipelines and facilities in the area of the planned excavation.  These markings must be maintained throughout the duration of the work. The Buckeye employee may also call you to verify the excavation work site and start time and discuss any issues concerning the work.  Anytime excavation work is conducted in the vicinity of Buckeye’s pipelines or facilities, a Buckeye employee or contract employee must be on site during the excavation. This is to ensure that the excavation work is performed to Buckeye’s safety practices and requirements.


Buckeye must also document any work performed in the vicinity of its pipelines and facilities under US Department of Transportation regulations.  Under these regulations, Buckeye must inspect its pipelines whenever they are exposed to ensure they are in excellent condition and free of any defects.  Buckeye must also record any facilities that are installed within its rights-of-way.

Click  Buckeye's Right-of-Way Use Restrictions  specification to bring up a printable and downloadable document which explains Buckeye’s requirements for excavation activities near our pipelines.

By following your state's One Call laws and by calling your One Call System before performing any excavation work, you can help prevent pipeline emergencies and ensure that excavation activity is done in a safe manner. 

A directory of One Call centers is available by clicking here.