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Breinigsville - Call 1-610-904-4000

Corpus Christi - Call 1-361-288-8870     

Houston - Call 1-832-615-8600

Business Development or Marketing:

Business Development or call Robin Billger at 1-610-904-4000.

Compliance Hotline:

For calls originating from the Continental U.S. or Puerto Rico 1-877-774-9673

For calls originating from the Bahamas 1-800-501-6379

For calls originating from St. Lucia 704-526-1180

Or online via buckeye.compliance-hotline.com

Customer Service

Customer Service

Transportation: Control Center and Scheduling

call Birzavit Smith at 1-610-904-4000.

Engineering & Compliance Services:

Call Pamela Wertman at 1-800-523-9420.

BET Terminal Business:

Insurance, Terminal throughput status, vapor certs:

Call Dorothy Montoya at 1-610-904-4000.

Human Resources and Benefits:

For benefits related questions, call 1-866-866-2747 or email: benefits@buckeye.com

For talent acquisition/recruiting related questions, email: careers@buckeye.com

For verifications of employment, email: HRIS@buckeye.com

Please note: ALL verifications of employment must be emailed with authorization and will be completed within 72 business hours from date of request.

Having issues submitting your resume? Please email: HRIS@buckeye.com

Investor Information:

Investor Relations or call 1-800-422-2825.

Pipeline Emergency:

Call 1-800-331-4115 and follow our Emergency Procedures

Pipeline Information:

Public Education Program or call 1-866-432-4960.

Transfer Agent and Registrar:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC, call 1-877-724-6457.

Unitholder Tax Information:

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP - K-1 Support, call 1-800-230-7224.